vw września

vw września

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VW’s Crafter van plant

scope of work:
executive and workshop designs for the media centre, social and office building, special vehicle construction hall, Pilotorg hall. Authorization of designs for the construction of the assembly hall and the structure for the main process line.

Września / Poland

2014 – 2016

In 2014, one of the largest automotive investments in Poland began in Września. On 220 hectares under roof, production of the second generation of Volkswagen’s Crafter van began in 2016.

Our office was awarded contracts for a wide range of design and authorization works. We have carried out executive and workshop designs for the steel structures of the utility headquarters, the social and office building, the special vehicle construction hall and the Pilotorg hall. In total, more than 10,000 tons of steel. We carried out the authorization for the Polish market of the executive design of the assembly hall and the structure for the main technological line. We worked on this project on commission by: Strabag, Züblin, Siemens, Haslinger, Zeman HDF, Rembor, POM.

Many companies have put their trust in us, for which we are sincerely grateful.


© Volkswagen Poznań


Construction of the plant is coming to conclusion. The plot area is an impressive 225 hectares. The usable area of the buildings is more than 500,000 m2.

© Volkswagen Poznań

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