Turów power plant,
new 450 MW unit no. 11

scope of work:
workshop design of the boiler building steel structure / structural analysis of joints

Turów / Poland

2016 – 2018

In May 2016, after six months of negotiations, our office was awarded the contract for the design of the steel structure of the boiler building for the new high-efficiency power unit at the Turów power plant for PGE group.

This state-of-the-art lignite-fired unit, with a capacity of 450 MWe and an efficiency of over 43%, will replace 3 old decommissioned units. SO2 emissions compared to the previously decommissioned units 8, 9 and 10 will be almost 20 times lower and dust emissions about 10 times lower.

turów photo 3

The structure of the designed building surrounds the boiler support structure. It rises to more than 110m and the weight of the designed steel structure of the building itself exceeds 8,000 tons. The main challenges with this project were the size of the investment, the powerful internal forces in the structure typical of the heavy industry and the strict design regime imposed by the Investor and the technology supplier – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe.

turów photo 2

We’ve visited the building on several occasions. This time we are using the construction lift to reach the top floor of the 116m high boiler house.

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