Our services are aimed at investors, architects, general contractors, technology suppliers and steel construction companies.

structural design

  • industrial facilities including secondary structures,
  • road and rail bridges,
  • footbridges,
  • tanks and silos,
  • public facilities.

project works

  • building construction concepts,
  • projects for planning permission and tendering,
  • BIM inter-industry coordination,
  • assembly projects for buildings, halls and bridges,
  • executive and workshop designs,
  • optimization of structural design in terms of bars and connections.

We carry out the work using state-of-the-art design tools, primarily BIM technology, LOD 400.

steel construction companies

  • material advanced planning,
  • 3D construction models in an open format for better production and assembly management,
  • optimization of joints in terms of welds and simplicity of execution,
  • all lists and breakdowns of parts in any format to suit customer requirements,
  • batch data for CNC machines and production systems in the DSTV standard, also for the development of bent plates in two directions,
  • advanced sheet metal nesting,
  • advanced routing,
    optimization of the welding path of studs,
  • … and much more.


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