Schorgast viaduct

scope of work:
workshop design of steel bridge structure

Kulmbach / Germany

2017 – 2019

In autumn 2017, Jakosta was awarded the contract for the executive and workshop design of the structure of an astonishing bridge, being part of the Kulmbach bypass under construction. This award-winning structure presented our office with a huge challenge. One of the many difficulties was the need to build an accurate, complete structural model taking into account the curvature and resultant overhangs while enabling the generation of documentation for the workshop and construction. With considerable effort, and with the crucial support of our software developers, a design was created that became a benchmark for our future bridge contracts and revolutionized our work on this type of structures.

The Schorgast project was one of the most significant milestones in the development of our office.


The viaduct in question is a 426 m long cable-stayed bridge with a curved plan and composite structure. The structure spans are supported by 6 pylons and they ranges from 45 m to 67.20 m. The pylons are designed as eccentric ‘V’ columns, each 28 m high and inclined inwards at a ratio of 1:3.


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