A40 motorway suspension bridge over the River Rhine

scope of work:
workshop design of roadway steel structure

Neuenkamp / Germany

2020 – ongoing

The A 40 motorway connects the Ruhr area with the Lower Rhine and the Netherlands and is of great importance to the people of the region. The existing bridge over the Rhine was built in 1970, but is now reaching the limits of its carrying capacity. Originally designed for 30,000 vehicles, it now handles traffic levels of more than 100,000 vehicles per day. The extension of the A 40 and the construction of a new, more efficient bridge to replace the old one has become essential to ensure the safe flow of traffic in the coming decades.

The new bridge currently under construction is one of the largest of its kind at our western neighbour. It will be 75m high, over 800m long and about 68m wide. Two separate structures will accommodate a total of eight lanes, plus cycle paths and pavements in both directions. The steel structure of the river crossing weighs more than 35,000 tons.

The project is being carried out in an international environment. Companies from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland, among others, are taking part in the design and construction work.

Jakosta has been carrying out the workshop design for half of the roadway superstructure, just over 13,000 tons of steel.

On the right: a model view of the southbound carriageway.

Hundreds of thousands of individual elements form an impressive shape. Mastering this amount of data is – along with engineering expertise – a key ingredient in the project success.


The southbound carriageway has been slid over the Rhine river. At this point, the installation method changes, following the pylon construction. The individual steel segments of the carriageway will then be successively transported and assembled using a specialised crane.


Construction of the pylon and river span is progressing. The existing bridge can be seen in the background. Its service life is coming to an end. Once the first, southern line of the new crossing is in place, it will be demolished.

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