mierzeja wiślana

mierzeja wiślana

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scope of work:
executive and workshop design including optimization and branch coordination of the steel structure of two swing bridges and four gates

Sztutowo / Poland

2020 – 2021

So, In April 2020 Jakosta was awarded the contract for the design of the swing bridges and gates for THIS project. As a result, we developed the documentation for the steel structures and coordinated it throughout with the installations and mechanical engineering teams. We carried out all the coordination activities using BIM technology trough Trimble Connect.

The project in question has divided Polish public opinion, including our office. However, we focus on the engineering aspect. Besides, the two swing bridges are currently (year 2022) some of the most recognizable bridges in Poland!

mierzeja 1

Structural model and execution.


Preparations for the load test of the bridge. In a moment, trucks filled with sand will drive onto the span. Engineers will examine the key parameters – displacements and stresses. They will then compare the results obtained with theoretical and allowable values. A key moment in the final structure commissioning from an engineering point of view.

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Production 3D model of one of the four water gates.

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