man niepołomice

man niepołomice

expansion of MAN truck factory in Niepołomice

scope of work:
executive and workshop designs of bodywork construction and assembly buildings

Niepołomice / Poland

2021 – 2022

The expansion of MAN truck factory in Niepołomice began in January 2022. The plant, which will be expanded by more than a third, is intended to act as a ‘compensating’ factory for production capacity after the expansion. Daily production capacity will be around 300 vehicles. Being built near Kraków, this new factory is expected to be extremely flexible, enabling the production of all types of lorries – from light to heavy – on a single line.

As a result of the expansion, the capacity of the Niepołomice plant will increase approximately by three times. Current factory area of 24 hectares will increase to over 41 hectares.

We started the design work in mid-2021, the installation of the steel structures began in mid-February 2022. Due to ambitious deadlines, the General Contractor divided the execution and installation of the hall structure into four separate companies. This created a need for coordination and design modifications management, which our office also undertook.

By May 2022, we had designed and coordinated almost 4,000 tons of steel construction.


3D render of the assembly hall structure (H6) based on our structural model. A typical facility
for the automotive industry with a distinctive penthouse on top of the roof.


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