shipyard hall

scope of work:
roof structure design optimization / steel structure design / structural analysis of joints

Kiel / Germany

2021 – 2023

In February 2021, Jakosta was awarded the contract for the design optimization of this new shipbuilding hall. In June, the contract was extended to include the complete detailed design of the facility steel structure including heavy work platforms. The tonnage of the structure is approximately 3,000 tons. Four cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tons each operate in the 33m high hall complex. A peculiarity of this type of facility are the giant gates 25m high.


The steel structure in this area has been erected. Façade works has begun – the first wall tiles have been installed in place.


3D render from our structural model generated at the level of crane runway beams


Start of installation: the first section of wall, up to the level of the crane is assembled. So far, everything is running smoothly and without disruption. Views like this always make us happy.


Inspection of the mounting sling. Preparation for a pole installation.

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