gas-fired combined heat and power plant / new unit no. 6

scope of work:
workshop design of steel structures /
structural analysis of joints

Herne / Germany

2020 – 2022

In January 2020, Jakosta was awarded the contract for the design of the steel structure of the engine room and heat exchanger building for the new Herne CHP unit being built by Siemens.

Another contract to design a steel structure for a combined heat and power plant based on Siemens technology, starring the latest version of the SGT5-8000H gas turbine. Over 600MWe and 400MW of heat generated by a single gas block.

Our scope overall included the structural design of UMC and UND buildings with a total weight of approximately 2,700 tons.

herne_render 1

Complete model of the steel structure of the UMC engine room with the adjacent annex.


Photo of one of the construction milestones – the installation of a 500 tonne gantry crane. It will be used to assemble and service the turbines.

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