Boxberg coal-fired power plant /
new unit “R”

scope of work:
workshop design of steel structures / structural analysis of joints

Boxberg / Germany

2007 – 2008

We received the order for the main coal conveyor together with the transversal carburizing in 2007, a significant milestone in the development of Jakosta. The first major energy project, the first serious use of BIM design in our office (BoCad 3D). The success of the project accelerated our growth and led us signing important contracts over the following years.

The main object of our contract was a covered conveyor 2UEY stretched between power units Q and R at a height of more than 60m.

The structure was pre-assembled at ground level and hoisted to its final location by a pair of powerful cranes capable of lifting 1,200 tons each.


Awaiting the last segment. Height: 66m. On hand 74 HVM27-10.9 bolts. tolerance in joints: +/- 1.5mm. Will it fit?

boxeberg 2

General purpose fastener – HVM27 grade 10.9 bolt.


Fabrication of the 2UEY flyover columns at the steel construction plant. The bolted connections are designed to be invisible – hidden inside or masked by rings welded after assembly on site.


Due to wind conditions, the installation of the last segment was postponed several times. Eventually the wind speed decreased to acceptable values and the 2UEY flyover connected the Q and R blocks. Success!

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